Did William John Winsor Jr. Exist?

Upon searching for William John Winsor Jr., I did not find any conclusive results that linked the primary source posted on Blackboard to an actual human being.  Upon unsatisfactorily locating Mr. Winsor subsequent to a simple Google search, I attempted to research this individual utilizing various other search engines but to no avail.  To further ensure the nonexistence of William John Winsor, I began to search for William’s birth, school, and employment records.  During this part of the investigation, I realized that the grade school listed on his biography was even spelled incorrectly. Additionally, I also searched for his grandfather’s Pennsylvania Railroad records, but once again my attempt failed. 

Nevertheless, alternative searches include the military databases of the Army Air Corps, Air Force, and specific air squadrons, as well as immigration, birth and death, genealogy, and criminal records in order to obtain information related to William Winsor Jr.  Furthermore, an individual could possible investigate on-line records at the New Jersey Department of State in order to identify information pertaining to his family’s business registered in Cranbury. Another conceivable manner to locate William Winsor involves accessing alumni records from both the Peddie School and the University of Arizona. Finally, a person could potentially search the records of employees at the Tennessee State Prison System. Considering the specific information contained within the biography, at an initial glace, the verification of Mr. Winsor’s existence and achievements should have equated to a relatively simple exercise; however, it became rather difficult to verify any facts about this individual.

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